Comprehensive Recruiting & Staffing

At Axiom Professional Solutions, we serve our clients by providing comprehensive recruiting, placement and staffing services for a variety of positions within the automotive industry and light industrial sectors.

We utilize the industry’s leading innovations and the most effective methodologies to identify the right people for the right jobs. From temporary warehouse personnel to upper management, we are dedicated to meeting the staffing needs throughout your organization.

The Axiom Difference

Interview your ideal applicants today

Ever been surprised by the real person who shows up for an interview? How many times does the person match what you expected from reading an application or resume? How much time have you wasted interviewing someone you knew within the first 60 seconds was not going to be a match for the position?

Save time, money, and improve your overall hiring process


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Ensure equal opportunity for all by asking the same questions and giving each applicant the same amount of time to respond. 


Email Your Questions

Email a set of questions to your applicant, and they record themselves answering your questions from a smart phone or web cam.



Hire The Staff You Need

Reduce the amount of time you spend interviewing by focusing on the applicants who possess the communication skills required to do the job.


At Axiom, our services are customized to meet the unique challenges faced by automotive dealerships and their individual departments. Our services are designed to efficiently identify and hire quality personnel that will meet the fluctuating and continuous staffing needs within the dealership.

Through customized recruitment efforts, an on-demand workforce, innovative technology solutions and a thorough verification process (ie: drug screening, citizenship verification, insurance, etc), the Axiom program delivers peace-of-mind with every position filled.

Long-Term Outsource

Keep the employee on the Axiom payroll, allowing you to get the job done without the liability.

Direct Placement

We put in the work, find the right professional and place them directly onto the stores payroll.

Positions Axiom Can Fill



Drive Manager

Service Advisor

Certified Technicians

Service Manager

Warehouse Staff


Parts Driver

Parts Wholesaler

Parts Counterman

Car Wash/Detail Staff

New/Used Car Sales Personnel

F&I Staff

Accounting Personnel

Title Clerk

Warranty Clerk

Collision Technicians

Courtesy Shuttle Driver

& Many More!

Axiom Benefits

Through the Axiom program, dealers and their management team are able to reduce operating expenses, lower the dealership’s liability exposure, and return to managing their core competencies.

Reduced Overhead

By using Axiom Professional Solutions, you will no longer have the out of pocket expenses associated with hiring employees and filling those positions. Ad placement, drug screening and insurance coverage are all costs that you no longer have to worry about.

Lower Liability

By utilizing Axiom Professional Solutions, those positions now fall under our company umbrella and are no longer a liability for your place of business. In today’s market, minimizing exposure is critical!

Increased Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits for our clients is the flexibility offered through our staffing services that allows our clients to conveniently adjust their staff levels according to seasonal fluctuations. The convenience of being able to reduce or increase staff at a moment’s notice is another way of making your dealership, department, or place of business more efficient and more profitable.


Time Management

The hiring and releasing of employees comes with a lot of time and headaches. By partnering with Axiom Professional Solutions, especially with high-turnover positions, you no longer have to deal with those issues. We take care of it for you. This allows you to focus on growing your business.

True Employee Cost Calculator

Figure out how that employee is truly affecting your bottomline.

*Cost Estimate Includes: Base Pay, Federal & State taxes, Workmen’s Comp, Vacation Pay, Sick Pay, Benefits, Insurance. Source: June 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Employment Application

If you’re looking to work with top automotive companies in the industry, and you believe that you have the skills necessary to thrive in a team environment focused on the customer, then click the button below to apply.

Keeping you staffed

We take the headache out of keeping your departments staffed by providing employees for positions like porter, administrative assistants, warehouse staff, quick-lube personnel & many others.

Industry Trends & News

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Warren Henry Hires Help to Hire-The-Help

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